Play March Madnet

M A R C H    M A D N E T    2 0 1 9   
Oran Adams of Olympia, Wash., won March Madnet with a score of 63. Bruce Mills of Fort Mill, S.C., was second with 61 points. Carl White of Atlanta won the random drawing to break a three-way tie at third with 60.5 points.

Thanks to everyone for playing!

H O W    T O    P L A Y
March Madnet covers the six tournament rounds over three weeks:
  • Week 1 (March 21-24): 32 games in the first round for one-half point each and 16 games in the second round for one point each. Maximum possible score: 32.
  • Week 2 (March 28-31): Eight games in the third round for two points each and four games in the fourth round for four points each. Maximum possible score: 32.
  • Week 3 (April 6 & April 8): Two games in the semifinals for four points each and one game in the finals for eight points. Maximum possible score: 16.